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Animation vs Live Action

2011-02-14 21:27:10 by EvilRiku17

Animation is tough. Anybody who has posted to the Flash portal knows that. Years ago I tried to get into flash animation, and I ended up submitting a couple simple things. More recently, I've tried to get back into it, but haven't really been uploading much, since most of my projects go unfinished. But I really want to create. I want to make something to get my ideas out there. So I've decided to focus more on live-action videos for YouTube. I recently started a channel at . It's really my first legitimate attempt at creating something I can be proud of. But the challenge is getting the word out there. Aside from friends and family, how do I get people to know about my web series? So I come to you, newgrounds community, asking if how somebody like me who doesn't have anything popular on the web as of right now, can try to muster up a community of viewers. Any suggestions and support would be appreciated. Thanks.


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